How To Know If Your Business Is In Need of A Security Guard?

Small businesses are not immune to criminal activity on their grounds. Convenience stores, retail outlets, and banks are common targets for theft, but any organization might become a victim of criminal behavior. Disorder and lawlessness can occur during sporting events, festivals, or any other gathering of a large number of people, especially when alcohol is involved.

Using the services of a reliable, licensed security company London can assist mitigate the risk of loss while also ensuring public safety. But how does a small business know when it’s time to hire a firm like this? What indicators speak to the necessity for security?

Greg Kuhn, the founder and CEO of Omega Protective Services, LLC, a full-service security organization situated in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, provided the answers. He presented the following 10 indicators in an interview with Small Business Trends, based on his years of experience in the security field.

Why Should You Hire a Security Guard?

1. You’re concerned about parking lot safety.

Employees or customers may feel uneasy walking to their automobiles late at night, especially if the parking lot is dark.

Their fears are well-founded, according to Kuhn, because unsecured parking lots may be a breeding ground for vandalism, theft, and muggings. A parking lot security guard can safeguard the safety of people and property.

2. Your facilities are in a high-crime neighborhood.

Businesses in high-crime regions are required to hire a security guard.

“High crime does not always imply a terrible community,” Kuhn explained. “A warehouse in a thinly populated rural area, for example, could be included.” There’s also the possibility of a higher number of break-ins in that case.”

3. Retail Theft and Shrinkage are a Problem for You

According to the National Retail Federation, merchants lost approximately $44 billion in 2014 due to theft, with employees accounting for 34% of the total. As a result, a security guard would be beneficial in almost any retail scenario.

“A well-trained, licensed guard will take precautions to limit liability and shrinkage, so saving the company money,” Kuhn added. “This is a point that no small business owner should overlook when hiring a security firm.”

4. You’re worried about liability concerns

“If a company has had losses on its worker’s compensation or general liability policies, the insurance company may need a remedial action plan that involves the services of a security company,” Kuhn added. “Having such a plan in place can also result in a premium reduction.”

5. You’re concerned about keeping records

Guards are frequently tasked with keeping track of daily actions including safety, employees, and property.

“For example, if a door continues opening by accident, it establishes a pattern, which the guard will notice and keep track of,” he explained. “It’s possible that the door isn’t securely locked, or that an employee has purposefully left it open to sneak back in after hours.”

Because the guard works for the security company rather than the corporation, he can act as an objective third-party if an employee is facing termination due to criminal activities. In more serious cases, this may include testifying in court.

Liability is another incentive to retain documents.

“Records for emergency occurrences, such as when someone is injured, shield the company from culpability,” Kuhn added. “It also eliminates the need for the business owner or employee to keep documents.”

6. You’re concerned about safety concerns

“You probably have thousands of safety issues if you think you have one or two,” Kuhn added. “Having someone dedicated to safety who knows what to look for and can pick apart what’s safe and what needs to be improved is quite beneficial.” “A security guard would be aware of what to look for.”

7. You Make Alcohol Available on the Property

A security guard should be present anywhere alcohol is provided, particularly in excess. If a fight breaks out, resulting in injury to people or property, a company’s liabilities can become quite expensive.

“The presence of the guard acts as a deterrent,” Kuhn explained. “He can react fast to avoid events from becoming more serious.”

8. You’re concerned about building traffic.

Guards can be used by businesses with a large number of people entering and exiting a building to watch traffic, check individuals in and out, and provide IDs or name tags.

“The physical presence of a professional, courteous guard puts the people at rest and promotes a safer environment,” Kuhn added. “It also communicates the message that you care about public safety and are taking precautions to safeguard your clients or guests.”

9. Your safety program is overworked.

A company’s safety program can benefit from security personnel.

“For example, industrial or construction enterprises may frequently have a safety officer,” Kuhn explained. “In a smaller organization, that person could be a job foreman who prioritizes his foreman duties over safety concerns. In such instances, a security guard can act as a safety officer, attend safety meetings, and even chair the safety committee.”

In an emergency, you require assistance.

Physical altercations, medical emergencies, and criminal occurrences are all situations that security guards are prepared to handle. Regardless of the situation, they will have the presence of mind to act appropriately and rationally.