Is Your Kid’s Room Ready? Quick Guide to Kids’ Furniture!

Are you planning your child’s name Before you even name your child, nursery plans should be in your thoughts. The importance of kid’s bedrooms is paramount. Parents often face a problem when decorating their child’s rooms. Your child grows up quickly and can move on to other stages.

Design principles can vary depending on the age group. These are some ideas for decorating your child’s bedroom.

Infants (Up to 2 Years of Age):

A newborn never fights for furniture. You don’t have to have a lot of furniture in your child’s room. Make your child’s room a magical place where they can be completely free.

* Because the mother will be spending long hours in this room, she should have plenty of space. The room should have a reading area, a chair, and an open shelf for milk bottles, lotions, and diapers. It should be at least 30 to 36 inches high for the mother.

* A room that is more colorful will be more appealing to a child. Pastels are a great option for newborns as they soothe them.

Toddlers (3-6-8 years old):

Children develop an identifiable personality by the age of three.

* Little angels are definitely deserved a dresser at this stage. It will be a hit with them.

* They will be more interested in education if they have a table and chairs that are suitable for their height.

A blackboard can speed up their learning process. A soft board can be added to allow them to display their art or craft work.

Your child should have a mirror in case he or she is curious about their appearance.

* The child should have enough toys to play with such as a basketball ring, play mat or rug, and they should keep them in an accessible storage.

Adolescents (9-14 years old):

It’s not like you’re preparing the space for them, knowing exactly what they want.

* The child won’t share his room with younger siblings because he or she is concerned about privacy.

* They will now have their choice of colors.

* Wallpapers, music systems and telephone lines will need to be kept in the room.

As your child grows, their needs will change. It is important to be prepared to change the decor in your child’s room. offers the best deals and best value!

About the Author: Leo Shepherd