Ultimate List Of All The Games With Greatest Mods

I didn’t even know where to start looking for mods on the Steam Workshop.

There are many numbers for only Skyrim. Weapon packs, user-made missions, and more populated charts are examples of these. What are some of the greatest mods ever created, I wondered after reading this? not just for Skyrim, but always.

Where should I start with mods? Total conversion mods are one type of mod that could replace almost all of the game’s components and offer new experiences, visual improvements, reskins, characters, and more. It is also based on influence.

How did these mods alter the gaming landscape? It’s not like the playing field is tiny. To make life simpler for you, I went ahead and put together a list of the 20 all-time finest mods.


Starting off strong is Skywind, a complete conversion mod that transforms Morrowind into Skyrim. I initially believed it would be merely an aesthetic mod, a wink to Morrowind devotees. However, the designers intend to use Skyrim’s framework to effectively start from scratch with Morrowind. Describe your ambition.

Although Skywind hasn’t yet been officially published, I think it deserves a slot because of its remarkable ambition. The company has released amazing trailers of the “new” gaming universe. It appears that the crew is still working on the audio, so it’s unclear when the real release will take place. No matter when it is, I am eager.

Total Third Age War

Back in the day, I can still remember using this hack – see all commands here. This mod for Medieval II: Total War completely replaces all units and environments with ones from the Lord of the Rings world. Ever ponder whether 5,000 Hobbits could defeat Sauron? Want to engage the troops of Mordor in combat?

Check out this mod without a doubt. You can participate in the “War of the Ring” campaign as well as unique battles, scenarios, and famous battles from literature and movies. Check out Third Age if you enjoy outstanding cinematic gameplay, the Total War series, or the Lord of the Rings franchise.

For Total War: Darth Mod

To improve Total War Games, Darth Mod Productions developed a number of mods. While playing games’ vanilla builds is fun and all, Darth Mods provide them awesome additional features like new soundtrack, a ton of distinctively different units, and fresh missions.

It gives older games new vitality. I dare you to try Darth Mod for Empire: Total War, even though the game’s 2010 release may have received a mixed response. The game is entirely different now!

Crusader Kings II for Game of Thrones

Both Crusader Kings II and Game of Thrones are hugely popular with me. What could be better than integrating both brands, into which I’ve invested countless hours? You take command of the dynastic head in Crusader Kings II. It is your responsibility to strengthen your dynasty in medieval Europe.

You accomplish this through assassination, espionage, strategic marital connections, and warfare. This Tuesday is just another typical one for Game of Thrones. You can take on the roles of the great houses, the Night’s Watch, or even Jon Snow. By eliminating those bothersome characters and promoting your dynasty, you can alter the course of the narrative.

Galactic Warfare in Star Wars

Galactic Warfare, our first Star Wars game, swaps off Call of Duty 4’s grim Middle Eastern backdrop for well-known Star Wars locations. Playing as either the rebel or the alliance, you shoot each other to death at recognizable locations like the Mos Eisley spaceport.

This is obvious if you enjoy Star Wars or Call of Duty. The size is less, so you won’t experience the epic, memorable combat found in Battlefront.

Multiplayer in Just Cause 2

What could be better than skydiving, grabbing a jet fighter with your grapple hook, and then bombing an enemy oil depot? Obviously doing it with pals! Over a thousand enthusiastic players are thrown into one server in Just Cause 2 multiplayer, which is reminiscent of the early Grand Theft Auto multiplayer mods.

The map may be large, but when there are a lot of con artists hunting for the next big ‘boom,’ I’m sure it may shrink very quickly. If you want to explore new types of mayhem, have some real fun with buddies, and, of course, blow everything up, check this out.

The Unnamed Mod

This mod is worth checking out if you’re a die-hard fan of the original Deus Ex like I am. Not that I don’t enjoy the new Deus Ex games featuring Ada Jensen. On the contrary, I’ve spent many hours on such titles. But there’s just something familiar about the original.

That’s why when I learned about The Nameless Mod, my ears perked up. It features whole new characters, a totally different setting, and some fantastic new language. Check out this mod if you’ve been considering playing through Deus Ex again or want something different.

At Fate’s Edge: Nehrim

An additional Elder Scrolls mod. The player is thrust into an entirely new universe by Nehrim (seriously, a world completely different from The Elder Scrolls). Nehrim, a game created by 12 people, lets you explore brand-new cities and towns as one of three different races.


NeoTokyo, a game created in 2009 by Studio Radi-8, immerses the player in the fast-paced near-futuristic setting of NeoTokyo. Since it uses the Half-Life 2 structure, you may be sure that it will play smoothly. Even though it uses the same engine as Half-Life 2, that is where the similarities end.

NeoTokyo requires rapid thinking because it is frequently an unforgivably challenging and hectic shooter. But if you get the hang of it, you can play multiplayer with your buddies in a cute, cyberpunk future that takes its cues from Ghost in the Shell.

The forgotten stories of Enderal

Enderal is a complete conversion of an Elder Scrolls game, similar to Nehrim. Enderal, created by a tiny team at SureAI, features a fantastic fantasy adventure and a large cast of voice actors. You’ll be dropped into a whole new game universe, complete with a fresh campaign, cast of characters, and setting.

It has a look and feel that strongly resemble the Gothic series. This is the perfect song to listen to if you want that sort of grungy atmosphere. Similar to Gothic, the game is harsh.

Ever consider being killed by a rat? It’s certainly feasible in the early going. But the rewards are enormous. I must say that if you’re looking for better gameplay using the Skyrim engine, you can’t go wrong with this.

Portal Intro

The 2008 smash film Portal has an official prequel in this. It was created by three persons. What is it about these small groups of incredibly bright people that allows them to change the gaming industry?

The user participates in 19 various trials with the portal gun as Abby, the test subject.

You must undoubtedly check this out if, like many others, you fell in love with the gameplay of Portal. There are countless speech lines, new, sophisticated maps, and more.

Auto Multi-Theft

We were still in shock following GTA: Vice City’s lunacy in 2003. Then there is Multi Theft Auto, the mod that at last provides an answer to the age-old query, “What if we could play Grand Theft Auto in multiplayer?”

Grand Theft Auto III: Alternative Multiplayer was the original name of the game that gave players the opportunity to crudely play together in Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City.

With the introduction of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, they gave it a little more substance by adding material and activities. This is included because of the impact it has on players and game creators. This was actually a forerunner to GTA Online, which we now take for granted.

Group Fortress

You did read that correctly. Originally a 1996 Quake mod, Team Fortress was adopted by Valve in 1999. This subsequently opened the door for the wildly popular Team Fortress 2.

The foundation for what we know today is laid out here: multiple classes, a red and blue team, and an antagonistic gameplay style akin to rock-paper-scissors. In the end, this straightforward Quake multiplayer mod would earn Valve almost billions of dollars.


DayZ is based on ArmA2, a PC game that combines a military simulator and shooter. The framework from ArmA was completely adapted by the creators of DayZ. It produced a totally original game. You begin the game in the middle of a bleak, merciless rural terrain full of shambling zombies and evil gamers.

In 2012, this mod was a resounding success. It was renowned for its permadeath (if you die, you lose everything; there are no second chances), insane difficulty, scarcity of resources, and competitive online gameplay. It was later made available as a standalone game, but you had to download third-party clients to play it.

Beware: this game is not about running and gunning, but rather about surviving. You’re going to die a lot. You must be swift, shrewd, and covert. Happy searching!

Modifying the Sith Lords’ Restored Content

This mod is a must-play if you enjoyed the outstanding Knight of the Old Republic and its sequel. It takes the second game in the series and adds a ton of deleted material that wasn’t included in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords’ final release.

Any KOTOR player who was unsatisfied with the relatively underwhelming quests and ending of KOTOR II will be pleased with the additions made by this. The games for Knights of the Old Republic are affordable and frequently on sale. Play now if you haven’t done so already! And for a more seamless, comprehensive experience, make sure to download the restored content when you get the second.

For XCOM, the Long War

In the addicting tactical turn-based shooter XCOM Enemy Unknown, the player faces off against swarms of savage alien invaders. You create new weapons, armor, and artifacts as you progress through the game to reclaim Earth. A game that has already won awards gains complexity and detail from Long War.

It raises the level of difficulty to 11. It also makes the game lengthy and lives true to its name. This excellent mod for a game that is already a 9/10 adds fresh voice acting, 12-player squads, and more objectives on top of that.

The Doom 3 Dark Mod

I’m a major fan of the 1990s and early 2000s Looking Glass Studios’ Thief video games. It was a fantastic collection of stealth games that placed a strong emphasis on sound and shadow, which at the time was groundbreaking.

Introducing Doom 3, with its ominous shadows, grimy textures, and more. Dark Mod puts you in the role of the lovable sarcastic burglar Garrett in Thief’s updated and improved graphics using the Doom 3 engine. Things appear to be lovely. As you sneak into a guild to grab all the loot, you’ll feel completely at home. This is a masterpiece for Thief aficionados.


One of the most innovative multiplayer mods ever created is this one. Actually, it wasn’t until I had been playing Half-Life for years that I realized Counter-Strike was a mod. In this multiplayer hit, it’s terrorists fighting counter-terrorists.

More excellent shooters from the 2000s, similar to the first Battlefield games, were introduced by this game.

I’ve spent many nights trying to disarm bombs and getting headshots while trash talking with friends and random strangers. It continued the tradition with the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, making it one of the greatest.

White Mesa

This represents quite a feat. They proceeded to use the Half-Life 2 engine to rebuild the original Half-Life game.

The eight years of effort were totally worth it. Black Mesa gives the original story of Gordon Freeman and his crazy exploits at his new job new vitality for both new and veteran gamers. I have to admit that using the dependable and strong Source engine to play a classic is enjoyable and addictive.